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South Florida Palliative Medicine Specialists (SFPMS) is the largest group of board certified palliative care physicians and nurse practitioners in South Florida.

Experts in palliative medicine, we have special training and experience in relieving the pain, symptoms and stress of people affected by life-limiting illness at every stage - curable, chronic or life-threatening. Our goal is to relieve suffering and provide the best possible quality of life for patients and their families.

As other doctors treat and cure a patient’s illness, our specialists are brought in as an extra layer of support. We manage their symptoms and guide them and their family in setting goals, understanding treatment options and making medical decisions.
  • Do you have patients whose symptoms persist despite medical interventions?

> Anorexia

> Anxiety

> Constipation

> Depression

> Diarrhea

> Fatigue

> Nausea

> Neuropathy

> Pain

> Shortness of Breath

  • SFPMS can help.
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South Florida Palliative
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